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Singapore Airlines Safety Award

Monday, 21 November 2022

Singapore Airlines Safety Award
Compliment from Singapore Airlines on SIA Group Safety Award for Ramp Service Supervisor Pui Yan.
On 22 October 2021, SATS HK Ramp Services Supervisor (RSS) Miss Law Pui Yan was handling a SQ turnaround flight. Suddenly, she noticed some smoke emitting from one of the diesel-powered belt loaders which was docked at the bulkhold of the aircraft. She immediately rushed over and pressed the emergency stop button on the belt loader. Meanwhile, she told the loading staff nearby to evacuate and proceeded to detach the belt loader from the aircraft to avoid potential injury to staff and damage to aircraft.

Miss Law then reported the incident to all relevant authorities and deployed the fire extinguisher to prevent a possible fire outbreak from the overheated engine. The incident was eventually taken over by the Airport Fire Department for further investigation.

Miss Law is commended for her quick response and swift actions which averted a potential serious aircraft incident on ground. She is presented with the SIA Group Safety Award for her superior handling.