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Public Announcement of 24-Jul-2023: 

The Board of Directors has appointed Mandy Chan as new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SATS HK Limited, with immediate effect.

Ms. Chan is currently the board director of SATS HK, with her diversified operational and management experience in the aviation industry, she would continue to lead SATS HK to greater heights. "We are thrilled to welcome Mandy Chan as the new CEO of SATS HK. Her extensive background in aviation industry and proven track record of success makes her the perfect fit for this role" said Gary Zhan, SATS HK's Chairman.

Public Announcement of 14-Jun-2023: 

SATSHK welcomes the government's introduction of a Supplementary Labour Scheme to effectively alleviate the shortage of manpower in the aviation industry.

Ms. Mandy Chan, a board director of SATSHK, expressed her welcome to the government's decision to introduce 6,300 imported workers to the aviation industry. This scheme will have a significant impact on the manpower shortage faced by the aviation industry, helping to alleviate the industry's long-standing human resource difficulties.
In recent years, the aviation industry has faced unprecedented challenges worldwide, particularly in the wake of the impact of the pandemic. Against this backdrop, the shortage of human resources has greatly hindered the industry's development. The government's introduction of Supplementary Labour Scheme will greatly alleviate this dilemma, injecting strong momentum into the industry's recovery.

With the support of the government, SATSHK will participate in related projects to ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of imported workers are fully protected, while also balancing the rights and interests of local employees and providing a good working environment and training opportunities for everyone.


Public Announcement of 16-May-2023:

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