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Group PCEO Award for Safety Excellence 2017

Friday, 21 April 2017

Group PCEO Award for Safety Excellence 2017
In the PCEO Award Competition  hosted by SATS Singapore, SATS HK recently won this Award in the “Safety Excellence” for the safety innovation on Lower Deck Loaders.

The criteria for this Award requires the participating teams to innovate the most effective ways for inspiring employees to take an active role and to be a strong advocate on “Safety” and “Health” in their workplaces. The PCEO Award panel  selects a team with the best innovative and creative ideas  among all SATS associated companies to be the champion. 

Our HKG station had carried out a study during  rainy season and found that there might be possibilities of a switch short-circuiting of the control panel of the platform loader. The short circuit could cause the loader cab to move uncontrollably and a potential damage to the aircraft. Thus, our team took an initiative to design an effective  device that could mitigate the risk of uncommanded movement of the driving cab. 

After some trials, our team designed a “Proximity kill switch” which is able to work on all aircraft types to stop the cab engine automatically when touching any objects. It serves as a powerful defence in protecting the aircraft from this kind of damage. It has been our great honour to receive this Award out of many good ideas. Many thanks to the hard work of our Safety and GSE team. This enhancement allows a safer operations and working environment.